About the Series

Herbal support for gender affirming surgeries has been a powerful and prominent part of trans and queer herbal care for years. This workshop aims to build on that foundation and speak to specific considerations with surgeries that are considered feminizing: facial feminization surgery (FFS), breast augmentation, and bottom surgeries such as vaginoplasties, with some applications to Brazilian butt lifts (BBLs) and other kinds of body contouring as well.

While our entry point will be herbal strategies to support trans women and trans fems, this content carries relevant applications to cisgender women, non-binary people and people of any gender identity in preparing for and recovering from surgeries that are considered feminizing. This workshop draws on research, interviews, and clinical experience. It is open to anyone who is interested in accessing or supporting feminizing surgical care, including allied practitioners. We especially welcome trans women and trans fems, who are welcome to bring questions and personal experiences with surgery support, herbal or otherwise, if desired.
Registration for individual classes is available, but participants are encouraged to register for all three courses in the series; class content is interrelated and will build through the series, and you’ll also receive a discount!  Each class is two hours in length, and recordings will be made available for all classes. 

About the Instructor

Ayelet Hashachar dreams of trans women thriving & schemes about ways that biomedicine, holistic medicine and plant magic can work in synergy towards that end. She is a clinical herbalist & a research lover dedicated to mutually uplifting plants & trans people, in service of the larger urgent anti-colonial & anti-capitalist imperative to restore and remediate this earth. Ayelet is an anti-zionist, a radical diasporist Ashkenaziyah, & a proud self loving Jewish educator, consultant & language nerd based in occupied Lenapehoking / Brooklyn. You can currently find her work on Instagram: @ayelet___hashachar

Course Pricing

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Reduced Rate

$75 USD

  • BIPOC or Low Income