Tea or Tincture? Extraction Tips for Making Great Medicine

with Liz Krushnic

Course Summary

Why is marshmallow tea so much more soothing and demulcent when infused in cold water instead of hot? Why is a tulsi tincture made with a higher proof alcohol so much more aromatic and potent than a low-alcohol extract?

When making herbal medicine, factors like heat, time, and which solvent you choose all impact how strong and effective your final product will be. In this class, we will explore the most common methods of herbal preparation and the benefits and drawbacks of each, as well as how to pick an extraction method that meets your goals based on the actions and chemistry of a given plant. This class is ideal for beginning to intermediate herbalists and students.

Whether you’re just getting ready to make your first tinctures or you want to improve the remedies you’re already making, this fun, informative workshop will elevate your kitchen chemistry and help you create potent and effective herbal medicine. 

About the Instructor

Liz Krushnic (she/her) is a clinical herbalist and educator based on unceded Massachusett land in Boston, MA. She graduated from the Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism in 2020. Liz believes in herbalism as a means for people to have agency over their own health, and enjoys connecting people to plants and supporting people on their health journeys. You can learn more about Liz at www.lizkrushnic.com.

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